Thursday, July 21, 2016

Steuben County Court Jury Returns Not-Guilty Verdict

I finished a tough jury trial this week, but secured a favorable result for my client.

More than ten months after he was charged, Thomas Thompson was found Not Guilty by a Steuben County Jury on Tuesday.

It was alleged that when Mr. Thompson filed a Personnel Complaint against a New York State Trooper in response to a traffic ticket, that complaint included known false information which was being offered to deceive the police.

It was a difficult case and not an easy trial. The prosecution presented several civilian witnesses, three members of the New York State Police, and a Senior Investigator from the Department of Motor Vehicles in their case-in-chief. After we put on the defense, they called a rebuttal witness.

The jury heard a lot of information. Some of it was conflicting, some of it was confusing, some of it was contrary to our understanding of the events. But in the end, the jurors maintained the presumption of innocence, and held the prosecution to their burden of proof.

Ultimately, the jury was not convinced that there was sufficient evidence that my client had knowingly submitted false information to the State Police with the intent to deceive them and they announced their decision: he is not guilty of these charges.

The isn’t the end of the story for Mr. Thompson, the collateral consequences of an arrest are significant, even if you are acquitted.

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