Wednesday, October 29, 2014 Courtroom Spotlight

I am honored to have been invited to participate in's Courtroom Spotlight. The is a 24/7 community news, sports, and broadcast site for Northern Livingston and Southern Monroe Counties in Western New York. In addition to breaking news, the site features also community events, sports coverage and human interest features. Recently, the Publisher, Josh Williams, approached me with questions regarding specific criminal charges which were making headlines. An idea was born to broadcast a weekly program to help the community better understand some of the complex legal issues in the news. All too often, misinformation and conjecture take the place of facts and understanding. Courtroom Spotlight is intended to clarify some of the issues and reveal the truth behind the buzzwords. The information provided in this program is not intended as - and should not be perceived to be - legal advice. Every case is different. Speak to an attorney about your specific legal issues.