Thursday, November 6, 2014

Courtroom Spotlight continues to shine has invited Mr. Hoffmann to return to the Courtroom Spotlight program to continue to inform the community about legal topics in the news. While they do not discuss specific cases, the program attempts to educate people about the complex legal issues behind the headlines. In this episode, the panel discusses "Hate Crimes", a topic of some interest locally as of late, due to allegations of assault targeting a SUNY Geneseo transgender student. While the facts of this particular incident are not discussed, the attorneys talk about the legislative history and intent of the relatively new Hate Crime laws, and what impact the new laws have on these types of cases. The information provided in this program is not intended as - and should not be perceived to be - legal advice. Every case is different. Speak to an attorney about your specific legal issues. The video content is provided by after a period of exclusive availability on their site. For the most up-to-date episode(s) of Courtroom Spotlight, see

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